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Hi, I’m Carl

I love both weddings and photography.
I’m reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable about weddings & photography.

f you’re planning a destination wedding and need a professional, experienced, and creative wedding photographer, consider Carl Woodward Photography.

My unique approach to capturing the beauty and emotion of your special day will leave you with stunning photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Why Work With Me


I love both weddings and photography. I’m reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable about weddings & photography.


We’ll have lots of fun and you’ll love the final result. I have many years of experience in the industry and can capture every moment of your special occasion.


Getting married in Ibiza? I know everything there is to know about the local wedding veneus and I have great connections with other local vendors

Ibiza Wedding Venue Guide

Ibiza isn’t just a popular party destination, it’s also an ideal spot for weddings. The island’s magnificent beaches, stunning sunsets, and distinctive venues provide a picturesque setting for your big day. The vibrant culture and charming landscapes of Ibiza make it an unforgettable location to capture memories that will last a lifetime.


Next Steps for Your Destination Wedding

I look forward to hearing more about you and your plan for your wedding, and we can discuss what package would be best for you. My creative approach to capturing your day can also be discussed, as can wedding supplier recommendations.

I’m looking forward to working with you! Hope you’ve taken the time to look over my website and packages. To inquire about prices and availability, simply follow the steps below. Booking me as your wedding photographer requires first checking my availability. I am fortunate to be booked for weddings about one to two years in advance. Once you have booked your venue, please get in touch with me so we can secure my services in time. Once I receive your enquiry, you will receive a response within 12 hours, should you not receive it, check the spam box.


You should simply inquire with as many details as possible.


Getting to know each other and discussing your wedding.


Pay a deposit in order to secure my services on your big day.

After that, you have your wedding photographer booked. I’ll always reply within a few hours; you can check your spam folder or call 07809404010

Ibiza Wedding Packages

Destination Weddings Begin at £3000

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Frequently Asked Questions

This question is not easy to answer as it depends on many factors such as the size and scope, your choice of photography, and where you live. A rough estimate would be 10% of your wedding budget.

A standard package for a UK wedding photographer costs around £1,100. This includes editing of the images afterwards and photography.

This question is not easy to answer. The amount of time required to photograph a wedding depends on its size, complexity, and skill level as an artist. Most wedding photographers recommend that you spend at least six hours photographing weddings. You should expect to spend at least two hours shooting portraits, group shots, and family photos before the ceremony.

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Because it takes so much time, effort and money to create stunning wedding photos, wedding photographers charge high prices. It takes many things to create great wedding photos. A wedding photographer must have experience and knowledge in order to capture great images. To ensure that they can secure the best locations for their shoots, most wedding photographers ask their clients to book a minimum of six months in advance. To cover their expenses and those of their staff, they must make a living from their photography services.

A documentary wedding photographer is a professional who specialises in shooting weddings as if they were a film. The photographer will take photos of every moment of the wedding from the preparations to the reception. There are many benefits to hiring a documentary photographer for your wedding. They are skilled at taking candid photos that will provide you with amazing memories. They are also skilled at capturing every detail of your wedding ceremony or reception. Documentary wedding photographers are well-known for their discreet style. They will not disrupt the flow of the wedding and instead capture beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for many years.

Yes, you can print your wedding photos. It is important to remember that not all photo printing companies are created equal. It is crucial to choose a company that specializes only in wedding photography and prints high-quality photos.

You can negotiate the price of a wedding photographer. It is important to keep in mind that the photographer may not be willing to lower their rates due to their years of experience. Remember that many photographers work on commission, which means that if you aren’t satisfied with the final product you might have to pay.

This question is not easy to answer. The income potential of wedding photographers will depend on many factors such as location, experience and clientele.

Presets are used by wedding photographers to ensure they capture the best photo possible. Presets are a set of instructions that tell the camera what to do when it presses the shutter button. Presets are useful for photographing people, flowers, backgrounds and many other things. Presets make it simple for wedding photographers to capture great photos without worrying about how everything will turn out. Presets come in many forms, so it is likely that your photographer has a selection that is best suited to weddings. Presets allow wedding photographers to save time and energy, while still taking high-quality photos.

There are many options to find a cheap photographer for your wedding. There are many options for finding a cheap wedding photographer. You can search online or contact local businesses. Look for reviews from different photographers when searching online. You can also contact local businesses to ask for recommendations on a good wedding photographer. Ask your friends to recommend any photographers. Ask your friends and family if they know of any cheap photographers. The main question is, do you really want to risk your wedding day memories by hiring a cheap photographer?

According to the Bridebook Wedding Industry Report 2021 the average wedding cost in 2022 was £15,000. This was due to Covid restrictions in 2020 and 2021, and it is expected that this number will rise going forwards. Couples feel more confident about planning large weddings and committing to dates.

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