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10 Tips for Rain and Bad weather wedding photos

Rainy wedding photography – Creating stunning wedding photos in rain or snow. We tend to avoid bad weather and prefer to stay inside than go out in the rain. As a creative wedding photographer, rain (and snow!) can offer amazing opportunities that aren’t possible on sunny or dry days.

Ask your wedding photographer about their experience with photographing wet weddings. This will help you to relax and give you some examples of their past wet and rainy day photographs. A downpour is the best type of rain that you can get for your wedding day. It’s also the most beautiful form of rain to photograph. You could be in for stunning wedding photos if you do get a few drops of rain on your wedding day.

These are our top ten tips if your wedding day is wet or cold.

rain on your wedding day

Here are the top 10 Tips for making the most out of the rain on your wedding.

  1. An emergency umbrella is a must, as most wedding photographers have at least one. They are typically white or cream, so they don’t cause colour casts in your photographs. For a funky look, multi-coloured umbrellas or colour coordinated umbrellas can be great for bridal party wedding photos. Amazon umbrellas can be ordered quickly and even delivered right away.

  2. You should be prepared for any weather change. Take your wedding day as it comes. It is brave, but it can result in stunning wedding photography. Keep smiling and laughing under the brolly.

  3. Don’t worry if the weather turns bad. You have the option to take your wedding photos indoors. A professional wedding photographer will always have a plan B, and maybe even C and D to capture stunning wedding photos of you and your guests. We will always have a variety of plans for a mixed-weather wedding day. This allows us to deliver the best wedding photos possible.

  4. You can incorporate a jacket or wrap to your wedding attire if you are getting married in colder months. You’ll be warm and it will look great in your wedding photos.

  5. If you are worried about damaging your expensive shoes keep a spare pair of footwear on hand. This will make it easier to walk on wet or soft ground. You might also consider using wellies or heel protectors to make it easier to walk on the grass.

  6. If it rains, have a bridesmaid/best man near to you to hold your umbrella. Or provide extra coats for between photos if the weather is colder.

  7. Even though it’s pouring outside, it’s your wedding day! It’s your wedding day, so take the opportunity to snuggle up and cuddle together. You can even provide some warm blankets in case it gets chilly.

  8. A spare pair of shoes for the groom is helpful on a snowy, wet wedding day. However, if this is not possible, a pair of dry socks will be great.

  9. Consider wet weather indoor locations when choosing your wedding venue. Not all venues provide the best options if the weather changes suddenly. During venue viewings, ask the wedding coordinator about wet-weather weddings. Also, ensure that there is enough space and appropriate locations for your drinks reception as well as group photographs.

  10. It’s tempting to look at the weather forecast for the next 48 hours but don’t. Enjoy the day and be prepared for any weather conditions.

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10 tips for rain on your wedding day

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