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How to choose your wedding photographer Cardiff, South Wales

Did you know “wedding photographer near me” is the top Google search term for this phrase?

Many or all wedding photographers offer coverage anywhere in their country or continent. Half of my inquiries come from couples who live more than 60 miles from my studio. Why are couples seeking out photographers further afield? They may be looking for a specific style or the lowest price or they might just be looking for Cardiff Wedding Photographers.

The gorgeous Pencoed House Estate is located just 25 minutes from my studio.

Service quality

My approach to wedding photography revolves around providing a high-quality experience for my couples. This can be seriously hindered if you don’t know the area or travel long distances on the morning of your wedding. Travelling long distances increases the chance of getting lost and getting stuck in traffic. These two issues can be avoided by hiring a local wedding photographer.

The most important factor in choosing a wedding photographer is how you feel when looking at their photos. You should feel a connection when you view the photos. This should be your most powerful influence when making a choice.

The service they provide, including their reliability and organization, should come in second. Couples should inquire about the preparations and timelines of photographers who travel long distances to photograph a wedding.

The fabulous Bryn Meadows Golf Club just 15 minutes drive from my studio.


Traffic problems

It is possible to be surprised at the number of wedding photographers that do not allow for traffic delays on wedding mornings. I am a member of several photographer-only Facebook groups. It’s a good idea to have these contacts, and emergencies can happen. I was struck by how frequently traffic delays can occur and how you could avoid them by hiring a wedding photographer close to your venue.

The venues that I partner with are within a 30-minute drive of me or less. I will arrive in plenty of time. Because I live so close to the location, I am able to achieve this goal.

The beautiful Llechwen Hall is located just 15 minutes from my studio.

 Google will load the Google Map if you type local wedding photographers or your venue name into Google.

Look through the websites of local photographers, which are linked in blue at the right of each listing.

Zoom in on the map and expand the box to see the list of photographers.

Zoom in and out on the Google Maps to see more local photographers

Peace of Mind

 If you are unable to find the right photographer close to your venue, make sure you’re comfortable with their plans so they can be fresh enough for your wedding. I do not like to drive for more than 1 hour 30 minutes on a wedding day. It is not difficult to anticipate busy traffic on UK roads. To allow for more than twice the travel time in case of delays, I will be leaving before the sun rises. You should not sacrifice your wedding preparation.

For UK weddings that are more than a 2-hour drive away, I will treat them as destination weddings. This means that I will book into a B&B for the night before and possibly the night after to ensure a safe return journey. Keep this in mind and remember that the additional £150 isn’t much to increase the package price. This package gives you the peace of mind that your photographer is well-rested, on time, and in good health.

I am based only with in 1 hours drive from The King Arthur Hotel

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